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In our company all dispatchers will always solve complex problems and tasks and work as hard that the driver can feed not only himself but also his family. USF Dispatch only accept freight loads from verified freight brokers. Our team is using 7 different load boards in searching the loads. We have numerous freight Brokers that steadily call us offering their freight loads to our truck base.

About company

USF Dispatch was founded five years ago.

Even though that might not seem as much, we were able to achieve a lot during this short period of time. Now our company consists of 45 dispatchers that are servicing a fleet of more than 200 trucks. And that might not seem like a lot of trucks, too. But there is a reason for that.

We intentionally keep a low truck to dispatcher ratio to provide the best service possible for those who work with us. You will not have to call numerous times or wait in the line forever to get a hold of your dispatcher because he is speaking with another driver. You will get a dedicated dispatcher backed up with a whole team of professionals to make sure you will get loaded in the best way possible.

We value regular customers and those who have long-term business relationships with us, so we always provide discounts and bonuses for them.

We are working with Dry Vans, Reefers, Drop Decks, Flatbeds, Heave Haulers, Hot Shots

Our services includes:

Making setups with brokers

Making credit checks

Booking best paying loads

Negotiating rate with brokers

Signing rate confirmations

Looking for partial to fill up free space

Optimal route planning

Dispatching of the drivers

Helping with directions and on site

Getting TONU or detention

Ordering insurance certificates

Help with ordering OD permits

How to start

All you need to start working with us is to send us your carrier packet, which you usually send to brokers to make a set up. It should include your authority, W-9 and insurance. If you are working with a factoring company, you should also send us your NOA and provide credentials to do a credit check of a broker online or give us a phone number where we can check it, to make sure you will get paid by the broker.

We do not require a contract signature, however may provide one by your request. Payment for our service is done monthly, or once every two weeks, which is more convenient for you.

You do not have to pay anything upfront, neither we are receiving any payments from brokers for your loads. You pay us a percentage of a gross for the loads we have booked for you in a previous month. So you can be sure everything is legit.


You are the boss

You decide where to go and what to haul. And we do our job to get you the best options possible that satisfy your needs. You decide which load to take, nobody will take a load without your permission if you request so. There will be no forced dispatch.

Peace of mind

On the other hand, you may leave decision making to a trusted dispatcher, and he will make decisions on his own. Especially useful if you have a fleet of few trucks and hired drivers and want to get rid of all the hassle. We have been in situation when owners of the company left everything on us and went abroad on a vacation with a peace of mind.

Always available

Available every business day. Not only you take vacations, if you work with a single dispatcher it is unlikely that he would be able to work whole year long, even if he doesn’t take that vacation, stuff like health problems and family issues will obviously get him out of work for a couple of days or even weeks. And you know how much it costs to pay drivers to stand still and how much money you lose even in one day.

Do not miss a load

Hot loads disappear from the load board in seconds. It is impossible for a person to be at his computer all day. And even if you are at your desk, you might be busy with some other stuff as filling a set up packet. You are not looking at that load board for few second and the load you so desperately needed to get out from bad area is gone.

Be the first

Be the first one to get the hottest load. Even if you notice this one hot load, it is still unlikely to be the first one out of hundreds of people calling for it in a second. In the case of really hot load every person in our office starts calling the number to make sure we will be the first ones to get a hold of the broker and win this load for you.

Exclusive loads

Every dispatcher after working in this industry for some time, makes friends with brokers and they give him exclusive loads that are not event posted on a load board. We have 20 dispatchers in one office and with all their connections it is possible to cover trucks even without opening a load board.

Companies we cooperate with



We value long lasting cooperation with our partners and to show our appreciation we offer discount for people who have been working with us for a significant period of time. The longer you are with us – the less you pay!


We also realize that for owners of big companies with numerous trucks, percentage for dispatch may turn out into a significant amount paid every month. So we are willing to lower our rate based on the gross that a company makes with us. The more you earn – the less you pay! It cannot get any better.


The first week your company is serviced free of charge — you look if our work suits your needs and make decisions on further cooperation.

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